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The Circuit from a Drivers Point of View

Driving the circuit... ... It is a good simple triangular track, 3 main comers and 3 straights with kinks in each, plus the addition some years ago of MSA inspired chicanes in 2 of the straights to slow it all down. Should be easy then - wrong, very wrong, it bites!!

From the start line the first curve is the right hander 'Folley' - stay left late & turn so that you stay right going up Avon Rise - fast & smooth at the fastest curve of the circuit. A definite corner though at 150+ mph. Over Avon Rise and you must stay straight whatever line you are on & brake before (if necessary) & after, but not over the actual hump of Avon Rise while also clipping the left side apex. I aim towards a spot a car's width from the outer edge of the track. Yes, theory says follow left edge of the track BUT that's very dodgy ground, marbles, off camber etc. If you get it wrong, it will be a very painful and expensive accident at high speed..... I have never liked the look of that outside bank!! So keep straight for heavy braking before turning for the right handed Quarry comer running out to the left side on exit. Stay parallel with the edge of the circuit along the now shortened 'Farm Straight' due to the Esses coming up quite soon - this being a right, left, & right at Old Paddock. Do not turn in too early otherwise you will be too early for the left which means you have to slow too much & turn sharper to get back to the left side for a straighter line for the critically fast Old Paddock. It's better to go slightly slower through the Esses to get through Old Paddock faster. Now it's flat out all the way to Tower - take the shortest & straightest line to arrive on the left-side of the track for Tower. A very nasty & very off camber right hander. You can easily fall off on the outside of this corner it has a very narrow run-off, so build up your speed here carefully.

(Are you all still with me?)

Next is Bobbies chicane, another right, left, right but slower. Use the apex curb, braking as necessary on entry, bearing in mind the left part is quite slow, although cambered in your favour, but taken too fast can spit you into the infield, mud / com or whatever the local farmer is growing! Then it's out of Bobbies chicane & flat out through Westway & onto Dean straight towards Camp Comer. Stay on the left side where the exit of West way will have thrown you. Now Camp Comer is coming up fast & has several apex's - you want to take the last one. You will have braked here quite hard & probably changed down as well in a straight line before turning late for the last apex allowing the car to run out wide using the whole track width on exit heading to the finish line or staying left & building up to
maximum speed for Folley again.

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