2018 Winners


Intermediate - Old School

Roy Harris - MK1 Mexico


Intermediate - Post '81 (non cosworth)

Jason Hobbs - RS2000 4x4


Intermediate Cosworth

1. David Collins - Escort

2. Steve Bonner - Escort

3. Wayne Rodgers - Escort

4. Neil O'brien - Sapphire Cosworth

5. Chris Arrowsmith - Escort

6.Adrian Pitt - Sapphire Cosworth


Concourse Car of the show

Roy Harris - MK1 Mexico


Best Track Car



Furthest Travelled

Kyle Thomas


Best Visiting Car Club

ST220 Mondeo


Best Trade Stand

RS Models

Expert Old School

Peter Christie MK2 Mexico


Expert - Post '81 (non Cosworth)

Colin Stone S1 RST

Chris Machin MK6 RS2000

Brian Betteridge RS2000

Paul Cox S2 RST

Expert - Post 2001

Steve Evans Focus RS MK1


Advanced - Old School

Martin Lewis MK2 RS2000

Advanced - Post '81 (non cosworth)

Jason Bennett S1 RST

Paul Bostrom S1 RST

Advanced Cosworth

Kevin Murby Saphire Cosworth

Advanced - Post 2001

Paul Stonebridge Focus MK2

Darren Menzies Focus MK1


Show and shine

Pre 2000

1st G269 GNT S2 Turbo

2nd G655 YBF Sapphire Cosworth

3rd L19MXX Escort Cossy


Post 2000

1st X235 RPU Racing Puma

2nd R559 ADE Focus RS

3rd R5O HRS Focus RS




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